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Here is a new giveaway, the largest I’ve ever made, to celebrate 1,000 likes on Facebook and already 2 years of photography !

Here are the prizes :

- One set of my latest series “Eaux-Fortes" (13x13cm // 5x5inch). One print is already set in a nice frame handmade of dead twigs and rough linen thread.

- Two older prints (10x15cm // 4x6inch).

- A Sōwilō rune, made on beech tree, woodburned by myself.

- A pine cone, a dead holly branch, a bunch of dead twigs.

Here are the rules :

- Giveaway takes place on TumblrFacebook and Instagram at the same time, so you can share this giveaway on the three websites if you want.

- On Tumblr : reblog. On Facebook : Share. On Instagram : Follow the instructions on the post.

- You can enter more than one time.

- Likes don’t count.

- Giveaway ends on August, 14th at 2 p.m.

- You have to reblog this with the whole text.

- No country restriction.

Good luck !

P.S. : If you like the framed print, stay tuned on my shop, I’ll add the possibility to buy these very soon !

Don’t forget !

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You remember too much,

my mother said to me recently.

Why hold onto all that?

And I said,

Where do I put it down?

Anne Carson, from “The Glass Essay” (via vrban)

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Cat butt waiting for my computer to update so I can watch Sherlock before my early bedtime of 9 pm tonight.


Cat butt waiting for my computer to update so I can watch Sherlock before my early bedtime of 9 pm tonight.

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why is pandering baby names so much fun…..

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ready, able

a quiet slate, absorbing everything others spit out, sometimes luckily to find those who cherish the nice eyes who stare calmly as you unleash all your inner conflict. one who sits very carefully planning her next step, her next words or so one would think. i’ve known you for over four years now and i still wonder how further deep you go. as if astrology is correct, you walk with your clamps held high only to protect yourself from oblivious bystanders, walking all over like they own the place, like they own you and everything you are. you’re strong though quiet, beautiful even from 200+ miles away and i miss you so much. i’m constantly thinking of things to make you, things to do next time i see you but you’re so comfortable we end up just going to lunch and buying succulents. you’re my best friend, the one i look up to for quietly making your way through your struggles. you’re so welcoming to anyone kind enough to ask, and not too quick to snap when we really need it. you inspire me and i love you, i know threes a croud and i hate that, but i’d love to be with you more often, and approve of the lucky person who steals your heart and treats you rightly. i want you as the important life, in my life, forever.

totes bfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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i’m grateful for cloudy skies in what most are experiencing a hot summers day, no, not here in humboldt…. i barely speak when you’re gone. even to people when i’m out, just quietly say have a good day or thank you and be on my way, i miss the silence more than i had thought. i cherish quiet baths, decorating our house, bathing in my clean bath, and drinking unaccounted-for amounts of tea. i’m debating a small tattoo to surprise you when you come home… i’ll make a call soon and see about it. i think you’ll absolutely love it.

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